Tarzan: The Epic Adventures

    Tarzan is a story that has been popular for generations. Starring Joe Lara as Tarzan, this action drama series is based on the iconic, fictional Tarzan from the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels. Here, Tarzan experiences the loneliness and solitude that has become his fate, and he must survive the elements, wherever he is taken. The series focuses on the character of Tarzan in his early years, after his first exposure to civilization, but before his marriage to Jane Porter.

    This Tarzan series was filmed in Sun City, South Africa, making it one of the few Tarzan productions to be actually filmed on the African continent. R.A. Salvatore wrote a Tarzan novel based on the pilot script for this series, which was first published as a trade script. It was then published as a mass-market paperback book. No matter how much times change, Tarzan never loses his appeal.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Action, Adventure
    • Year: 1996
    • Duration: 22 x 60 min.
    • Clips: