Phenomenon Archives

This series, sometimes about the paranormal, explores controversial topics, while revealing new and often startling information. Over the years, information sources have been monitored, manipulated, and all but suppressed, by nefarious powers-that-be. This is evidenced by the government propaganda and misinformation seen and heard on the show. 

Delving into some of the most shocking conspiracies of our time, these stories can now be revealed, because the cold war has ended, and the Berlin war has fallen.

This documentary series takes an in-depth look into topics found in declassified government documents. It explores well-known issues with new information that has been sequestered from the public for over sixty years. Phenomenon Archives explores these fascinating revelations, as well, as some of the lesser-known brilliant minds, including Nicola Tesla, the father of electricity. Dean Stockwell hosts the show.

Additional Info

  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Year: 1999
  • Duration: 14 x 60 min.
  • Clips: