Mr. Lucky

    Starring, John Vivyan, Ross Martin and Pippa Scott, the series was created by Blake Edwards. Mr. Lucky is an honest professional gambler, who won his plush floating casino, the ship Fortuna, and uses it as his base of operations. Staying beyond the 12-mile limit, where he can operate a gambling ship legally, Mr. Lucky plays host to a wide variety of people, all of whom come to make use of his luxurious facility. His good friend Andamo helps him run the casino.


    A man of high principles, with the strength and intellect to back it up, Mr. Lucky is the debonair owner of the posh floating casino, on which high society rubs elbows with the underworld. On the boat owned by Mr. Lucky, elite, beautiful and upscale people mix with nefarious figures. The stylish show features music of the multi-Grammy winning composer Henry Mancini, further underscoring the classy tastes of Mr. Lucky.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Action, Adventure
    • Year: 1959
    • Duration: 34 x 30 min.
    • Note: (B&W)
    • Clips: