Encounters with the Unexplained

This series gives a look at the most popular subjects relating to the paranormal. Mysteries abound with lore surrounding phenomena including Stonehenge, the Bermuda Triangle, The Tower of Babel, The Sphinx, human combustion, Bigfoot, crop circles, a space phantom and UFOs.

The show is hosted by Jerry Orbach, who appeared on Law and Order, and in numerous films. One of his most popular roles was his portrayal of Baby's father in the immortal Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze.

Here, he also delves into additional topics that include Biblical stories, including Noah's flood, the Ark of the Covenant, a look at the birth of Jesus, the shroud of Tourin, the Garden of Eden, angels and Adam and Eve. Fascinating questions are asked about additional subjects, a few of which include the circumstances surrounding the death of President John F. Kennedy, King Tut's tomb, and the assassination of President Lincoln. The response to this show proves that curiosity never dies.

Additional Info

  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Year: 2000
  • Duration: 104 x 30 min.
  • Clips: