This is the original hard-hitting detective series to depict women in a realistic action-packed role. Decoy is based on the true-life accounts of a New York undercover policewoman's actual case histories. Starring Beverly Garland, this groundbreaking drama was the first American series with a female protagonist in the role of a police officer.

    Casey Jones, who was the first New York City policewoman, had the assignment to fight crime, while often going undercover in some of the seediest and most dangerous parts of the city. The series was inspired by Jack Webb's role as Sergeant Joe Friday, seen on the hugely popular Dragnet. Decoy features early performances from Al Lewis, Peter Falk and Larry Hagman. Dianne Ladd and Suzanne Pleshette are also among luminaries that appeared in the series.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Drama
    • Year: 1956
    • Duration: 39 x 30 min.
    • Note: (B&W)
    • Clips: