Campbells, The

Set in the 1830's Dr. James Campbell tries to serve his patients in the face of local opposition from the Scottish Laird. After several discouraging political events and other unfortunate occurrences surrounding his medical practice, he desires a chance to start over.

His sons, Neil and John, dissatisfied with their own mundane lives, decide to emigrate from Scotland to Upper Canada upon hearing of the opportunity to own land in there. James' daughter Emma is equally dissatisfied and also likes the idea of leaving. They persuade him to make the move.

The dramatic series features Malcolm Stoddard, John Wildman, Amber-Lea Weston, Eric Richards, Brigit Wilson, Rosemary Dunsmore, Cedric Smith, Wendy Lyon, Brian Stittle and Julien Puolin.

Additional Info

  • Genre: Drama, Family
  • Year: 1986
  • Duration: 100 x 30 min.
  • Clips: