California Pool Party

    Each week, California Pool Party blends music, comedy, food and fun competition with beautiful people, located in quintessential California poolside locations. This magazine show has the elements that the 18-35 demographic cares about.

    Every week, the show's hosts enjoy having fun at the pool, while reviewing, demonstrating and listening to new musical acts every week. The music selection is an eclectic mix that includes hop-hop, world music, rock and roll and indie.

    California Pool Party covers only the most interesting and the hottest of a wide specter of popular interests, whether it comes to cars, television, movies or games, in order to engage the largest audience. Games are casual, fun and sexy. After all, good-looking girls and guys have always been part of the California mystique. Pool Party is the watering hole where people get together to kick back and talk, listen to music and party.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Variety
    • Year: 2008
    • Duration: 26 x 30 min.
    • Clips: