Stephen Rodgers has been at the helm as CEO of PRO since his father's death in 1988. Stephen is the third generation of Rodgers serving the entertainment industry for over 100 years. Stephen has personally acquired, represented, and marketed negotiated and sold programming to all forms of media, worldwide. As PRO's C.E.O. his knowledge, relationships and reputation have earned sales totaling in the tens of millions of dollars in program licensing fees and co-production projects. Stephen was responsible for the company's acquiring some of televisions most legendary evergreen programming, including Lassie, Daniel Boone, I Spy, My Favorite Martian, The Rifleman, Zorro! and The Bill Cosby Show. His experience in negotiating cable co-productions have resulted in first run series on networks including Discovery worldwide, USA networks and Turner Channels. He is credited with works, which include "Beyond Tough with Ice T", "Las Vegas Up Close" and instrumental with Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (MST 3K) since inception on HBO's Comedy Central. Stephen was also responsible for the implementation of weekly syndicated programming for over 200 broadcast stations nationwide. Stephen is an active voting member of the Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences (ATAS), and a well tenured member and exhibitor of The National Association Of Television Program Executives (NATPE). Mr. Rodgers has also credited with co-authorship of a hard book industry book, "Fridays With Art" published by Parrot Books.His personal appearances have been welcomed as a speaker and guest lecturer at the University Of Southern California's (USC) School of Cinema since 1991.

Annie Rodeo is the organizations Chief Financial Officer and the trusted source of custodial assets, managing of client revenues, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Her duties include the careful monitoring and accurate dispersal of the funds collected each year from broadcast and cable licenses, production schedules and home video and; DVD companies, the careful examination of quarterly royalty statements and all financial aspects of PRO. Her responsibilities include the crucial tracking of expenses, reimbursements, and corporate tax preparation, all fortified by years of specialized education in the financial field.

Ron Adler is Director of Operations and maintains client assets. He is the contracts administrator and supervises the PRO office team. Working closely with PRO's clients and vendors, he is the liaison to laboratories, manages electronic and mechanical operations, and oversees records maintenance. He is responsible for the servicing, delivery, coordination and scheduling of over 1,000 hours of programming each month, as well as overseeing PRO's film and tape library, which contains over 2,000 elements. Ron is also a Sound Editor and a talented Musician and Composer.

Arny Schorr, the widely respected home entertainment industry executive, joined PRO in December of 2013 in the role of Vice President of Digital Entertainment. He brings long tenured credentials, which began with a management job at a local record store,and working with local concert promoters in his native Connecticut. Leaving the retail sector for a position with ABC Records, he quickly rose to a position managing sales and marketing for the northeast. After spending 10 years in the record industry, in 1979, he was offered a new position in the fledgling video business and quickly became recognized as one of the pioneers in the home video industry.

Shortly after his arrival to Los Angeles in 1983, Schorr joined independent record marvels Richard Foos and Harold Bronson’s Rhino Records eventually turning a small video division into a highly profitable division, generating in excess of $22 million in annual revenues by the close of 2002.

Following the success cultivated at Rhino, Schorr become president of SOFA Entertainment, followed by establishing S’More Entertainment in 2005.

Schorr is the recipient of numerous entertainment industry honors and is an individual who welcomes challenges, sees opportunities and continues to forge new avenues for success in an industry where he has already made significant contributions.