Fall Into Me

    When his girlfriend drops him because of his recent career chioce, Steven Jacobs, a 30-something school bus driver, falls into a state of intense heartbreak. The only thing that can salvage him is when he meets the girl of his dreams, Maria.


    Maria is a volunteer at the local hospital who, because of a few misunderstandings, assumes Steven is one of the patients suffering from a rare kidney disease. Seeing this an an opportunity to spend more time with Maria, Steven gets swept up and neglects to tell Maria the truth. As their relationship grows, Steven can't seem to find a way out of living the lie and, with the "encouragement" of some friends who are excited to have the old Steven back, Steven takes subtle measures to keep the misunderstanding alive.

    Finally, as guilt and true love build, Steven decides to come clean to Maria. But before he can tell her, Maria discovers the lie for herself and ends any chance of redeption he may have. A devastated Steven does everything he can to win her back, but whether his last ditch effort is enough is left to be seen. FALL INTO ME is a romantic comedy that is sure to inspire and entertain audiences of all ages and tastes.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Romantic Comedy
    • Starring: Ron Menzel, Heidi Fellner
    • Year: 2007
    • Duration: 85 Minutes