• Action/War 88 Minutes

A real-life story about the pitched battle in the Philippines in 1945, at the end of World War II. A troop of Japanese Marines, unwilling to surrender, takes the walled city of Intramuros by force, holding one thousand men, women, and children hostage.


  • Starring: Jock Mahoney, Fernando Poe Jr., Michael Parsons
  • Action 85 Minutes

When a team of doctors are kidnapped in a Central American country by the despotic dictator, two men are sent against all odds to rescue him.


  • Starring: Neil Duncan, Vincent Ricotta, Emma Croft
  • Drama 97 Minutes

A famous Swiss psychiatrist tries to unravel the web of fear and pain that entraps a beautiful woman, entrusted to his care by her twisted husband.

  • Starring: Julian Sands, Giuliana De Sio, Erland Josephson
  • Comedy 82 Minutes

Playboy centerfold Barbara Moore and Penthouse pet Stevie Jean serve up some fun and sexy competition as they find themselves on Hollywood's newest game show - 'Bikini Showdown', which draws beautiful bikini-clad girls from all across the country to Hollywood for fun and frolic.


  • Starring: Barbara Ann Moore, Kathy Pasmore, Anastasia Rova
  • Action/Adventure 81 Minutes

A brutal, sadisitic motorcycle gang called the Roadrunners gets more than they bargained for when they take on a peaceful dune buggy club. The buggy club can only be pushed so far, and the point was reached when the Roadrunners molest an innocent girl.


  • Starring: Don Epperson, Robert Dix, Casey Kasem
  • Horror 85 Minutes

On a crowded bus, three people sit patiently waiting for their stops, unaware that they are about to have extraordinary experiences. 

  • Starring: Rachel Bruneau, Michael Burns, Patty Carderelli
  • SciFi 90 Minutes

Starring Jack Palance (City Slickers), Martin Landau (Mission: Impossible, Ed Wood) and David Caruso (Miami: CSI) as the heroes fighting to keep aliens from a distant galaxy from turning the earth into a giant hunting game preserve using a deadly but living weapon.


  • Starring: Jack Palance, Martin Landau, David Caruso
  • Drama 90 Minutes

A once-famous nightclub singer regales an interviewer with the sordid details behind her rise and fall.

  • Starring: Ron Masak, Alex Nicole
  • Drama 82 Minutes

It begins with a diversion. A heated brawl, the brutal assault on the prison guards. In this contemporary action thriller, five females escape from a maximum-security penitentiary. Though some have been unfairly accused and sentenced, all are guilty of being head on with the outside world and when they collide innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire.


  • Starring: Carolyn Judd, Teri Guzman, Darlene Mattingly
  • Action/Thriller/Horror 82 minutes

Dr. Tsu is a brilliant surgeon with her own exotic island off the coast of Manila. Using her sexy, all-girl army of martial-arts experts, Tsu kidnaps some of the world's greatest athletes. She is able to transplant any body part, so she uses the athletes for spare parts to sell to the world's richest men. Mike Harber is a womanizing, wise-cracking insurance investigator for Lloyd's of London sent to Manila to investigate the disappearance of a jai-alai player, and becomes involved with Dr. Tsu's mad mission.

    • Comedy/Horror 94 Minutes

    Herman Umgar, a German hermit, has an ability to communicate with worms. One day the mayor of the town runs him off his property, so in revenge he plants worms in everybody's food. However, these worms are a special breed of mutant worms and when the people eat them they are transformed into giant worms!


    • Starring: Herb Robins, Lindsay Armstrong Black, Joseph Sacket
    • Western/Adventure 85 Minutes

    Five Confederate soldiers desert, make their way through the Everglades and try to make it to Cuba.


    • Starring: Lin McCarthy, Stephen Courtleigh, Berry Kroeger
    • Drama/Fantasy/Thriller 85 Minutes

    In a psychiatric hospital three doctors meet over coffee and discuss the bizarre case histories of recently admitted patients. 


    • Starring: Laird Evans, Louis Valere, Jan Stychalsky
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