Blazing Stewardesses

    Debbie, a pretty blonde Stewardess, goes to her boyfriend's apartment. She finds him in bed with another girl and a fight ensues. Debbie leaves distressed and for diversion decides to take up rich promoter Brewster's offer to work a charter flight to his new "gambling ranch".


    On this "charter" Debbie is joined by her friends Barbara and Lori. This night flight becomes a nightmare as another Stewardess gets intimate with the pilot during the flight and "turbulence" rocks the plane ? as this girl hits the flight controls. Arriving at the "Lucky Dollar Ranch", Debbie, Lori and Barbara meet Ben Brewster and Honey Morgan, a modern western madam who tries to recruit the girls for her swinging ranch, "The Bee Hive".

    During a wild adventure and bizarre time as Brewster's guests our heroines meet danger and near disaster at the hands of the two crazy Ritz Bros. who double as golf pros, chefs and life guards. Meanwhile, Trask the foreman is leading a band of mysterious "Hooded Riders" to put Brewster's Ranch out of business. This gang hijacks big trailer trucks and terrorizes the area blasting, crashing and smashing everything in sight.

    How Debbie and her pals are recruited by Madam Honey and the "Hooded Gang" done in forms the basis of a zany and action-packed finale.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Comedy
    • Starring: Yvonne DeCarlo, Bob Livingston, Don "Red" Barry
    • Year: 1975
    • Duration: 96 Minutes
    • Clips: