Alfred Nobel Story, The

    Alfred Nobel saw his greatest invention build the modern world and destroy parts of it. Based on actual events and told through the eyes of the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, The Alfred Nobel Story explores the tragedy, redemption and triumph of the enigmatic man who invented dynamite.


    A young Bertha von Suttner (Hilde Krahl) comes to work for Alfred Nobel (Mathias Wieman). Having witnessed dynamite's deadly potential, she pleads with the inventor not to let the explosive fall into the hands of evil. Nobel, however, is seduced by influential arms dealers and sells the patent to the war-makers of Europe. Van Suttner begins a tireless campaign for peace, and eventually inspires Nobel to create the annual award bearing his name.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Drama
    • Starring: Hilde Krahl, Mathias Wieman
    • Year: 1952
    • Duration: 108 Minutes
    • Note: (B&W)
    • Clips: