Danger Zone Package

    A Collection of 4 Features Action/Thriller, 90 min. approx. 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992 

    Somewhere between Vegas and Hell, a drug- and death-dealing motorcycle gang swoops down upon six pretty, helpless members of an all-girl group, The Skirts, when their big break is blown by a car breakdown in the searing desert. The sadistic head of the biker band, Grim Reaper, offers the innocent young girls as a tasty prize to his merciless, sweaty horde if they can pull off a successful drug heist he has planned, but discovers that a mysterious new gang member, Wade (JASON WILLIAMS) -- who doesn?t play by anybody?s rules but his own -- is willing to fight to the death to keep the gang?s grimy hands off their terrified prey in this motorcycle action spectacular

    • Death Riders
      Biker lawman Wade Olsen goes "mano a metal" against greedy Grim Reaper and his vicious biker thugs in an all-out race for hidden treasure.
      1992. Action/Thriller. 94 Minutes.
    • Mad Girls, Bad Birls
      Renegade cop hero Wade is in for the ride of his life when the sexy, sinister, seriously pissed-off Sisters of Mercy.
      1990. Action/Thriller. 93 Minutes.
    • Reaper's Revenge
      Released from prison, Reaper vows to find and kill the undercover cop who destroyed his biker gang and put him behind bars.
      1988. Action/Thriller. 91 Minutes.
    • Steel Horse Wars
      Lust for long-lost Confederate gold propels fearsome gangleader Grim Reaper and his biker cadre into a head-to-head collision with Wade, and a bevy of college girls working an archaeological dig get caught in the middle of their parched desert battlefield.
      1990. Action/Thriller. 92 Minutes.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Action/Thriller
    • Starring: Jason Williams
    • Year: 1986-1992
    • Duration: 90 Minutes
    • Clips: